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Brand new sex ratio on Philippines was determined from the 103 within the 2020

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Brand new sex ratio on Philippines was determined from the 103 within the 2020

The brand new sex ratio remained within 107 males for each and every 100 women from inside the 2015 and you may 2020

According to research by the 2020 Census from People and Casing (2020 CPH), the fresh Philippines had a total people from 109,035,343 people. Of the complete, your family society made percent or 108,667,043 persons.

Of the million home society into the 2020, mil (50.6%) were men if you are million (44.4%) was basically people. By age bracket, 33.4 billion (30.7%) have been lower than fifteen years of age (younger dependents). Likewise, persons aged fifteen to help you 64 age (working-ages otherwise economically-productive people) totaled in order to mil (63.9%) while you are those in a long time 65 decades and over (dated dependents) composed the rest 5.86 mil (5.4%). Inside 2015, persons aged 0 so you’re able to 14 age, 15 in order to 64 years, and you may 65 ages as well as accounted for 32.0, 63.3, and you will 4.8 percent, respectively, of one’s domestic society.

Additionally, there had been a lot more males (88.8%) than just females (86.6%) one of the 0 so you’re able to 54 age group. Meanwhile, among the older generation (55 age as well as), lady (thirteen.4%) outnumbered the men (eleven.2%). A comparable pattern was also present in 2015.

dos. During the 2020, students aged less than fifteen years got good sex proportion away from 107 men for each 100 lady, if you’re the individuals old fifteen so you can 64 many years had a good sex proportion regarding 103 guys for every single 100 women. Additionally, among those old 65 age as well as, the brand new sex proportion is 73 guys each 100 ladies. Which illustrates an extended life expectancy amongst females than simply men or a higher mortality speed certainly one of men than just lady in the more mature age range. (Profile 2)

The fresh new sex proportion inside 2015 is slightly all the way down within 102 guys for each and every 100 ladies

step three. The brand new average age brand new Philippine populace continues to go up while in the the past around three , the newest median years was calculated in the twenty-five.36 months, for example half of your family populace is actually more youthful than just twenty five.three years, given that spouse are over the age of twenty five.3 years. It is higher than this new median chronilogical age of 24.3 years and you will 23.three years that have been posted in the 2015 and you can 2010, respectively. (Shape step 3)

cuatro. The general dependence ratio of the Philippines is computed at 57, which indicates that for every single 100 doing work-decades or economically-effective population, there were from the 57 dependents (forty-eight younger dependents and you will 8 dated dependents). This can be below this new reliance ratio for the 2015, which was registered at the 58 dependents for each 100 doing work-many years people (50 younger dependents and you may 8 dated dependents). (Dining table step 1)

5. College students lower than 5 years old made 10.dos per cent ( million) of household society that is quite below the fresh new 10.8 percent ( million) posted inside the 2015. (Desk dos)

6. Inside the 2020, the institution-many years population (5 so you can 24 years of age) accounted for mil (39.4%) of the million domestic population than the mil (forty.6%) school-age society which had been claimed for the 2015. (Table 2 and you can Profile cuatro)

7. Teens otherwise individuals whoever age brackets out of fifteen so you can 3 decades totaled so you’re able to billion or around twenty-eight.nine per cent of your house inhabitants in 2020, higher than new billion (31.2%) submitted when you look at the 2015. From the Philippines, anybody owned by this generation are thought regarding voting age toward Sangguniang Kabataan relative to Republic Work No. 8044 (Sangguniang Kabataan Work away from 2015). (Dining table dos)

8. The brand new voting-years society (18 years of age and over) accounted for 63.cuatro per cent ( million) of one’s domestic populace from inside the 2020, upwards off 61.9 per cent ( million) during the 2015. (Dining table 2 and you may Profile 5)

9. In the Philippines, people old sixty years old and over is actually considered to be senior people. They comprised 8.5 per cent (9.twenty two mil) of family people in 2020, higher than the seven.5 per cent (7.53 million) filed for the 2015. There are a whole lot more female (55.5%) than just guys (forty two.5%) among seniors, into the 2020. An identical development is noticed in 2015. (Table 2 and you can Shape six)

10. Female regarding reproductive decades (15 to 49 yrs old) totaled to billion or 51.nine percent of million women family people in 2020. These types of data was basically straight down weighed against the brand new 52.dos percent ( million) published when you look at the 2015. (Desk dos and Contour 7)

eleven. About Philippines, the maturing index and/or proportion out-of persons old sixty years and over each 100 individuals according to the ages of 15 years try determined during the 27.6 percent within the 2020. Consequently there can be someone aged sixty age and you will more than for every single five children lower than fifteen years dated. From inside the 2015, the aging list try 4.dos facts down during the 23.cuatro. (Table 2 and you will Figure 8)

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